Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preliminary SE Sprint Relay details

A Sprint Relay competition will be offered to punters on Monday 31st October at Kennedy Park, Co. Wexford.
Entries can be made on the day or at MOC 2011. Relays begin at 12 with all entries by 11.

There will be the following simplified categories:
Category 1: W/M 10-12
Category 2:  W/M 14-16
There must be a minimum of 1 girl on each team in categories 1 and 2
Category 3: W18-40
Category 4: W45+
Category 5: M18-40
Category 6: M45+
Category: M/W 10 with shadow : 2 legs , both short.

More details nearer the time from the Planner, Laura Cox (DUO/Wato)