Thursday, September 8, 2011

Preliminary Course information and entry details for MOC 2011

Courses on offer
M/W 10/12/14/16/18/20
M/W 21 L/S
M/W 35/40/45/50/55/60/65/70
M/W 40+ short

There will be no B courses for Juniors but there will be a Red course with entry on the day.
In order to ensure that the entry fees are kept to a minimum, there will be 1st prizes for all courses (long and short), and 2nd prize on all Junior courses plus M/W 21 Long.

Course lengths (estimated)
Course 1: M21 Long: 10-11 km
Course 2: M35, M40: 9 km
Course 3: M45, M18: 8-8.5 km
Course 4: M50, W21L, W35: 7-7.5 km
Course 5: M16, M21 short, M55, W40, W45, W20: 5.5-6km
Course 6: M60, W18, W50, W55: 4.5-5 km
Course 7: M14, W16, W21 short, W60: 4-4.5 km
Course 8: M65, M70, W14, W65, W40+ short: 3.5-4 km
Course 9: M12, W16, W70: 2.5-3km
Course 10: M10, W10: 2-2.5km
Course 11: Red course: 3-3.5km

Entry fees
Adults €10; Juniors/Students €6; Senior citizens/Unwaged €7; Family €25
plus €2 per person for Si card rental.
Entry form is downloadable from Google docs here or here on the blog under Online Resources (MOC 2011 Entry form).
Entries must be posted or emailed by October 21st.
Bank details are on the entry form.